TrackingTime API


This section describes how to retrieve the system notifications that are triggered when users perform certain tasks like creating new tasks, closing to-dos or projects, etc.


Type Parameter Description Required
Integer id Read only
Date created_at The date when the notification is triggered Read only
String link A permalink associated with the object that triggers the notification Read only
String text The reason why the notification was triggered Read only
String personal_text A personal message targeted to the user Read only
Integer object_id The object that triggers the notification Read only
String object_type The type of the triggering object: [ PROJECT | TASK | PROJECT_ESTIMATE_EXCEEDED | TASK_ESTIMATE_EXCEEDED] Read only
Boolean read Indicates whether the user has marked the notification as read or not YES

JSON Object

  "link": "/project.jsp#!7357:20381:todo",
  "text": "Diego added to-do \"Create provisioning profiles\" on task \"Meetings\"",
  "object_id": 1672,
  "object_type": "SUBTASK",
  "read": false,
  "loc_created_at": "16.09.2014 09:57:19",
  "id": 5166,
  "created_at": "2014-09-16 09:57:19",
  "updated_at": null

Notification Triggers

Use Case From To
New Task Admin / PM User
New To-do Admin / PM User
New Comment User User[]
Close Task Task Assignee Task Creator
Close To-do Task Assignee Task Creator
Re-open Task Task Assignee Task Creator
Re-open To-do Task Assignee Task Creator
New Project PM System
Close Project PM System
Re-open Project PM System
Project Estimate Exceeded System All project members
Task Estimate Exceeded System Task assignee and creator

Available Endpoints

List Notifications

List all account notifications.

Action URL


Type Attribute Description Required
String filter [ USER | PROJECT ]. Default: USER YES
Integer id The id of the object passed as filter YES
Boolean include_read Set to true if you want to retrieve all notifications. Default: false (Only unread notifications will be retrieved). NO

Mark Notifications as Read

Action URL

/notifications/read/:id to mark a single notification as read.


/notifications/read to mark multiple notifications as read.

Type Parameter Description Required
JSON data A json array containing the IDs of the notifications to mark as read. Input Format: